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Our company adhere to the "quality, efficacy to win consumer recognition, cooperation and win-win way to ensure that customers can save money, to enrich their employees to promote enterprise prosperity," with the integration of resources full marketing, market segments comprehensive marketing, and strengthen service marketing in accordance with the "market-oriented, customer-oriented. Combining means of price, channel, promotion and demand, cost, convenience, service and other marketing and factors forms marketing efforts and a solid market basis. Complying “the status of equality, mutual benefit" principle, build "multi-cooperation" community of enterprises, commercial, end consumers. Make good operation and brand development strategy, do a good job in-depth distribution from the concern of people's explicit needs to explore the hidden needs of the people, to set up terminals, expanding product sales scale and to win market share; strengthen drug management, tracking drug quality supervision, promote social security cooperation, to ensure drug is being used in safety, to build a harmonious market.
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